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scott hessScott Hess is a commercial and arts photographer based in Petaluma, California with an unusually broad range of work from people to architecture to landscape. He has been widely published and continually shows work in galleries and other public venues. 

Scott's photographs have been featured in many publications including The Sun Magazine, Shift, Utne, VIA, Shots, Smithsonian, the San Francisco Chronicle and Miami magazine, Bay Nature Magazine, Cultural Survival Magazine and Terrain.

Places of exhibition include: the Sonoma County Museum, Santa Rosa; the Sonoma Valley Museum, Sonoma; Falkirk Center, San Rafael; Limn Gallery, San Francisco; Zenitram Gallery, Santa Rosa; Sonoma Museum of Visual Arts, Santa Rosa; The Design Center, Miami, Florida; The Institute of Noetic Sciences, North Marin County; and The Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco.

There is also an activist aspect to Scott’s work, weaving art and ecology together in ways that inspire and inform, and contribute to the practical advance of a green, sustainable culture. He has photographed many of the leading eco-activists of our time in connection with the internationally renowned Bioneers Conference/Network, and recently photographed twelve young women activists for a calendar project called Ecobabes, a fundraiser for the Sonoma County Climate Protection Campaign. This calendar attracted considerable attention nationwide and was featured in a front page story of the Sunday San Francisco Chronicle.

“I see photography as a way to penetrate and appreciate the moment and as a way to convey spiritual meanings and values embedded in our awesome world. I also use photography to explore my own mind and perceptions and bring unexpected aspects of the individual and collective psyche to light.”

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—Scott Hess

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